Terms & Conditions

Deposit & Cancellation


All material costs will be required as a deposit before orders can be placed to our central warehouse. Any refunds will not be given if you wish to cancel an order once the order has been placed.



Any outstanding amount must be paid at the time specified when placing the order in which most cases is the date of installation. 


Delivery/Fitting Dates


While every effort is made to deliver or fit to the customer’s satisfaction, delivery promises are approximate only. Failure to deliver on the stated date or at a specific time shall not render us liable for damages, lost time or any consequential loss.





Osborne Flooring need to be notified at least forty eight hours in advance of the installation date if the customer wishes to cancel installation. If this cancellation is not made within the forty eight hours prior to fitting then a fee of £55.00 will be issued.


Room Preparation/Door Easing

Room Preparation: To facilitate the speedy and efficient installation of your new floor covering, your rooms must be cleared of all existing furniture and floor coverings otherwise a charge will be made. Any personal belongings must be removed as we are not liable for loss or damage. If the room or area is not to our standard before installation of the floor covering, we will cease installation and postpone until the room or area is ready and this will occur a fee.

Door Easing: Door easing is not included in your quotation, we can assist you in obtaining their services.




Should solid floors not accept concrete nails and gluing is necessary, an additional charge will be made as applicable.


Pipes and Cables


Osborne Flooring or their contractors cannot be held responsible for damage done to any pipes or cables that exist prior to installation. It is the customer's responsibility to notify Osborne Flooring in writing of any under floor piping or cables that exist. If in any doubt we will be pleased to arrange for any product to be glued to the floor for a nominal charge.




While every effort is made to ensure satisfaction, exact colour or design matching cannot be guaranteed between different widths of carpet due to manufacturing tolerances over which we have no control. Neither can an exact match be guaranteed between the sample displayed and the actual carpet. Further advice on matching should be sought from your sales consultant.




Shading due to pile pressure and reversal is a characteristic of all carpets and is particularly noticeable in plain styles. This in no way reflects a defect in the carpet or the material used in manufacturing and does not affect

durability of same.